About Acoustic Sciences Corporation

Company History

Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) was founded by acoustic engineer, Arthur M. Noxon in 1984. Over the past fifteen years ASC has established a worldwide reputation in the field of acoustic treatment. ASC's patented TubeTrap™ was the world's first corner-loaded acoustic bass trap, and continues to be popular in recording studios, audio listening rooms, home theaters, concert halls, churches and auditoriums throughout the world. Today, ASC manufactures a broad line of over 50 specialty high-performance acoustic and noise control products. In mid-1998, ASC expanded into a dedicated 12,000 square feet production /research & design facility.

ASC's President

ArthurM. Noxon, P.E., President of Acoustic Sciences Corporation is a registered acoustical engineer, who has been licensed in the state of Oregon since 1982. Mr. Noxon's formal training includes an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on acoustics, and an M.S. in Physics. His specialty and focus for the last 25 years has been in sound control in critical listening music environments. He holds five patents on acoustic control devices, and has designed and engineered over 70 products for the sound and noise control field.

Staff Profile

ASC's staff of over 20 employees consists of a diverse group of knowledgeable professionals with backgrounds in acoustics, engineering, physics, architecture, music, audio recording, industrial technology, computer-aided design, 3D modeling and project management.


ASC has been granted the following US and international patents in the field of acoustics:


ASC has received numerous awards for its innovations and contributions to the audio industry. Including:


To ensure the tightest quality control, ASC manufactures all of our products in its own 12,000 square feet facility in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Each product is carefully hand-build by our staff of skilled craftsman. Beyond stock products, a specialty & custom fabrication division allows ASC to design and produce a variety of custom products for the unique needs of virtually any room or environment.


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