Acoustics - Home Theater Treatment

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Step 1

Add Full-Round TubeTraps to all four corners, start at the speaker end of room.

Stacking two Full-Rounds on top of one another in a corner is better than a single Full-Round in a corner.

The TubeTrap's chrome dots should point to the audience. Rotate Tubes to increase treble absorption.

This increases dynamic range, improves intelligibility, and reduces “room boom”. Launching a clean wavefront at the front of the room, and cleaning up the excess energy at the rear makes the most dramatic improvement.


Step 2

Add a combination of Wall Panels and Diffuser Panels to the side and rear walls.

Diffusers turn hard reflections into ambiance, while Panels absorb hard reflections.

The Diffusers create a large “social listening” sweet spot, where the soundtrack becomes synched to the image on the screen. This makes every seat a good seat. The Wall Panels absorb excess treble “zing”, taking the harshness out of sound effects.


Step 3

Use Half-Rounds instead of Diffusers and Panels on the rear wall.

Again, stacked Half-Rounds are better than single Half-Rounds.

Venting more bass energy at the rear of the room actually increases the power of each low bass sound effect. Treble reflectors on the face of Half Rounds enhance ambiance.



Step 4

Add Sconces to the side and rear walls.

Sconces are an easy way to add decorative style and good acoustics. They control flutter echo, improve ambiance, and reduce reverb.