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Room Acoustics: Audio's Final Frontier

—Robert Harley, Robert E. Greene,
    Peter Lyngdorf, and Art Noxon
The Absolute Sound, October/November, 2004.

A roundtable discussion on room acoustics, equalization, and DSP-based room correction 

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ASC TubeTraps - Creating A Listening Studio

—Ann Turner
The Absolute Sound Issue 112, 1998

We come equipped with a ears that connect to a brain—a combination act resembling a video set unable to differentiate between channels. We get it all, no channel selector.

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Acoustic Sciences Corporation StudioTraps

- Jonathan Scull
Stereophile, December 1998

“Highly recommended for anyone whose family will allow them to populate the listening room with gobos,” writes Jonathan Scull in this Stereophile article.

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The ABCs of ASC's Tube Traps

—Jon T. Gale
Audiophilia Online Magazine, 1998

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Room Tuning: ASC TubeTraps & the MATT Test

—Brian Damkroger
Stereophile, February 2000

“One of the challenges I faced in optimizing the performance of the Thiel CS7.2 loudspeakers...was controlling and tuning their interaction with my listening room...One of the most powerful tools we used in the first process was the Music Articulation Test Tone (MATT) test.”

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The MATT Test 

Optimizing ASC TubeTraps

—J. Peter Moncrieff
IAR Hotline! Issue 56, 1989

“We're pleased to see the worldwide acceptance that TubeTraps have gained... Virtually all major reviewers and manufacturers use them as a key element of their listening rooms, which they rely upon for evaluating all the audio components you will buy...”

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ASC TubeTraps

—Bryan Southard
Audiorevolution.com August, 2001.

“What makes ASC products unique is their ability to both absorb lower frequencies and to diffuse midrange and high frequencies. There is no other product available for your home that can provide this combination more effectively.”

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Your Room: The Final Link

—J. Peter Moncrieff
IAR Hotline! Issue 39, 1985

“There's a special joy and excitement in pursuing the audiophile hobby. And this excitement reaches a climax when, on that rare occasion, you make a sonic breakthrough with your audio system...”

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From the President's Desk

Articles by Arthur M. Noxon PE.

Home Theater Acoustics

A five-part article by Art Noxon in Home Theater magazine, October 1993 through February 1994, still relevant today.

► Volume 1 | Recreate the Theater Experience for Home

► Volume 2 | Room Modes & Standing Waves

► Volume 3 | Subwoofer Placement

► Volume 4 | Ambience Speakers I

► Volume 5 | Ambience Speakers II 

The Chain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Link

—Art Noxon

An article written for the first Hong Kong Hi-Fi Show, 1993. Even the highest quality gear won't sound good if the room acoustics are ignored.

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The Wall in the Desert

—Art Noxon

From a lecture given at the Hi-End Audio Show in Milano, Italy, 1993. Reflection control is key to a good sounding listening room.

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AES Articles by Arthur Noxon

These are the first two articles written by Art about room acoustics and corner bass traps. The first paper introduces the TubeTrap, shows how it is designed and how it is used in rooms. The second paper takes a look at how room modes are managed by corner bass traps.

Listening Room - Corner Loaded Bass Trap

Presented at the 79th AES Convention, October 1985

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Room Acoustics and Low Frequency Damping

Presented at the 81st AES Convention, November 1986

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These next two papers were written in response to the difficulty in accounting for the satisfaction from TubeTrap use when doing traditional, steady state room mode analysis, pink noise and tone sweep evaluation of room acoustics. Articulation accounted for the dynamic aspects of room acoustics. The first paper covers the details of MTF testing and the second paper looks at MTF as a global concept in performance spaces.

Articulation and the Small Room

Presented at the 85th AES Convention, November 1988

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Articulation—Prerequsite to Performance

Presented at the 87th AES Convention in NY, October 1989

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This last AES paper by Mr. Noxon addresses the hot field of acoustic diffusion. It introduces the concept of coherent and incoherent diffusion, how to measure it and what each type is good and not good for.

Coherent and Incoherent Diffusion

A discussion of various forms of diffusion and their effects on the listener.

Presented at the 11th AES International Conference: Test and Measurement - Portland, Oregon, May 1992 

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Product Reviews


2007 TubeTrap Review

As reviewed by John Acton for Positive Feedback Online.

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Room Acoustics - The Final Frontier

—Roger S. Gordon
Positive Feedback Online

Mr. Gordon recounts his experiences in setting up TubeTraps for increased imaging and a wider, deeper, more clearly delineated soundstage.

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Peter Moncrieff's IAR Reference Rooms

—Peter Moncrieff

Peter's Reference Rooms utilize TubeTraps for optimal playback.

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Audio Revolution's TubeTrap Review

—Bryan Southard

“The performance of your gear is no better than your room. If your room is performing poorly, you are simply wasting your money on expensive gear...”

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Customer TubeTrap Testimonial

Customer Martin T. shares his experience with his new TubeTraps.

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Customer StudioTrap Testimonial

Customer Gary shares his experience with his new StudioTraps.

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SubTrap Review

—Ed Mullen
In Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

“The ASC SubTrap works as advertised. It reduces vibration transmission through the floor, improves the frequency response in the mid and upper bass regions, reduces low frequency reverberant decay times, and it locates the subwoofer closer to the height of the main speakers.”

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Raise It to Get Down

SubTrap Review in Home Theater Magazine.

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Treat Yourself

—Brent Butterworth
CFG Labs, Home Theater, February 1998

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California Brisson and the Soundroom of Doom

—Wes Philips
Stereophile Magazine, May 1997

A HiFi review of the ASC StudioTrap

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Equipment Reports: ASC TubeTraps

—J. Gordon Holt
Stereophile Magazine, April 1986

“There are few 'accessories' I can think of that I would consider tube absolutely necessary for good audio system performance, but the ASC TubeTrap is one of them. I cannot recommend them too strongly!”

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