HiFi Acoustic Products

Enhance the final link in the audio chain - your Listening Room...


Our legendary corner-loaded bass traps tackle low frequency resonance problems like no other.

Full-Round TubeTraps

The TubeTrap is ASC's unique flagship acoustic product. Combines bass trapping with diffusion for bringing out the best possible audio playback.

Fractional TubeTraps

The same great acoustics offered in our standard TubeTrap. Comes in Half Round and Quarter Round configurations.


A TubeTrap on an adjustable stand. Use StudioTraps for portable bass trapping in situations such as windows, fireplaces and doorways.

Designer Traps

The Designer Traps offer most of the Tube Trap's acoustical functions in a decor-friendly package.


The TowerTrap offers floor to ceiling corner bass trapping in one appealing package. Comes with built-in diffusion on two sides so you can dial in the perfect sound.

Planar Trap

We combined a basic flat acoustic panel with bass trapping and the Planar Trap was born. Lightwieght and portable, this Trap is perfect for tweaking sonic perfection and imaging in your listening room.


Everyone who has a subwoofer should have it sitting on a SubTrap. This unique acoustic product decouples your sub from vertical room modes, absorbs excess bass, and provides treble diffusion.


The PanelTrap combines flat panel acoustics with corner bass trapping in a neat, economical package. Easy to install and easy to move, yet it has that "built-in" look.

Wall Panels

The low profile, easy to install Wall Panel product line provides crucial reflection control on any large flat surface in your listening room.


Use SoundPlanks on sidewalls to create treble absorption and diffusion. Sound remains bright and lively without causing "room ringing" reverberation.


The SoundPanel is similar to the SoundPlank, but is framed and beveled for more of a finished look.

Matrix Panel

The MatrixPanel is designed to provide backscattered treble diffusion when your listening position is near a wall. Beautifully finished in an oak frame for years of service.


These 2" acoustic panels are covered with a picture and look just like a work of fine art. Choose from our picture library or send in your digital photos for that personal touch.

PCAD Panel

The PCAD Panel has a curved absorption face that creates an even, soft diffusion while still absorbing excess mid-treble sound. Mounts on wall, or can be floor standing.

Coffered Ceiling

ASC's perfect combination of diffusion and absorption, the Coffered Ceiling is ideal for listening rooms with hard surface floors and large areas of glass windows.

In-Ceiling Bastoni

This 2 foot by 2 foot Panel can be incorporated into a suspended ceiling grid or attached to the wall to add treble diffusion, bass absorption and bass trapping.

Structural Sound Conditioning

Complete kits to build your ultimate sound isolation wall system that not only keeps the noise out, but also conditions your room's acoustics.

WallDamp Walldamp+Iso System

ASC's Walldamp+Iso, for structural damping and soundproofing. Fully tested and engineered for improving interior sound as well as containment.

ASC WallWool

High tech super-fine refractory ceramic fiber is perfect for high end audio applications.


Acoustic Soffit

Custom, made-to-order "acoustic furniture" incorporate ASC's technical innovations with superb craftsmanship.

Acoustic Soffit

The Acoustic Soffit is designed to give you corner bass trapping as well as treble diffusion, without the clutter.


Custom Products

ASC strives to make you happy. When it comes to custom solutions, we never say never, and that's a promise.

Specialty Products

Custom, made-to-order "acoustic furniture" incorporate ASC's technical innovations with superb craftsmanship.


" Broad bandwidth and infinite variability make the TubeTrap a powerful tool for tuning the most important link in the audio chain, your listening environment. "
Neil Patel,
Avalon Acoustics

" Wilson Audio has used and recommended ASC TubeTraps for the past 15 years. We have found them to be very effective in reducing unwanted low frequency room colorations. "
Troy Kosovich,
Wilson Audio

" ASC TubeTraps are absolutely essential components in our research and development labs and listening rooms. They have solved our acoustical problems in a most effective and elegant way. ASC TubeTraps have contributed enormously to successful product development at Sony. "
Daniel P. Anagnos,

" We have been using ASC TubeTraps for many years. We use nothing else in our sound room in Montreal, as well as in my personal sound room at home. I have never heard a better sound than with the ASC Tube Traps. "
Mike Viglas,
Classe' Audio

" The knowledge and insight provided by ASC in the design of our lab allowed us to build an uncompromising environment. The use of the TubeTraps allowed us to create the ultimate performance room. "
Gayle Sanders,

" TubeTraps are the only properly engineered acoustic product in the marketplace. ASC flat works. "
Bruce Brisson,

" Spectral has supported ASC since the beginning and we were the first to require our reference dealers to use ASC treatment. "
Richard Fryer,
Spectral Audio

" ASC TubeTraps always make great sound systems sound great- guaranteed! "
Steve Peck,
Clackamas, Or.


Alesis, Avalon Acoustics, B&W Loudspeakers, Balanced Audio technologies, Bryston Ltd., Classe' Audio, Denon, Dynaudio, Euphonix Inc., JBL, J.D'Addarid & Co., KRK, Martin-Logan, MIT, Sony, Spectral Audio, Wilson Specialty Audio and more.