ASC Services

Along with the manufacturing and sales of acoustical products, ASC offers a no-charge initial consultation to help customers select and use our products effectively. Additional services include:

Acoustic Design Services

Whether you are building a Hi End listening room or home theater, ASC's in-depth acoustical design services will respond to your specific need for acoustical solutions. We can also start with a minimal acoustical treatment, and design an upgrade path for you to work up to, as time and budget allows.

Consultation & Project Management

The consultation and project management service will provide our clients with customized products and solutions in acoustical engineering.

Acoustical Analysis and the MATT Test

ASC also offers acoustical measurement and analysis services that include standard analysis (such as RT60 analysis, spectrum analysis) as well as proprietary test (such as the MATT Test™ developed by ASC). These tests provide us with an acoustical picture of the room /space and will further assist us in proposing a solution.


ASC is able to custom design and manufacturer products to meet your specific requirements. The customization can range from a slight modification of existing ASC products to a start-from-scratch innovation.