Walldamp+Iso System

For High End Audio Rooms

The ASC Walldamp+Iso System combines superior sound isolation, along with improved low-frequency acoustic damping, into a single ready-to-install package. Walldamp+Iso stops vibrational room coloration and eliminates the structural resonant dip in TL (Transmission Loss).

ASC custom designs every Walldamp+Iso installation to ensure that you get the best possible performance from your high end gear. You provide ASC with dimensions, drawings and/or photos, and we'll do the calculations.

ASC has recently adapted an Walldamp+Iso version for use with RSIC Clips and hat channel. This uses our special Damped RSIC Clip which reduces rattle while listening to high power audio.

Designed for the most demanding audio environments, where the quality of the sound inside the room is as important as controlling the transmission of unwanted noise. A key component to improved performance is the use of WallDamp -- a vibration-absorbing compound applied at the critical contact points throughout the system. The result: a calm, quiet room that maintains its acoustic integrity even at high-volume levels.

The ASC Walldamp+Iso System was first developed for use in the construction of professional recording studios and is now designed to be affordable and easy to install by any commercial contractor or "do-it-yourselfer". It's ideal for dealing with the increasing sound levels within home entertainment rooms.

For more information

Please visit the ASC's own dedicated web site at www.asc-soundproof.com