ASC TubeTrap user guide
Tube Trap Performance

The tri-corner of a room transforms and compresses all of the acoustic energy in a sound wave into pure pressure fluctuations. Tube Traps are designed to take full advantage of the acoustic pressure zones created in the corners of a room. The patented design of the Tube Trap converts these pressure changes into air movement, and, through the regulated friction in the walls of the Tube Trap, energy is damped out of the sound wave.

  Basic setup
Basic Setup
  Room modes
Room Modes
  Advanced setup
Advanced Setup
Tube Trap Placement

At first placement of the Tube Traps in the front corners (behind the speakers) of the room, orient the reflector to point towards the listening position to maintain room ambience. The chrome buttons on the front side of the Tube Trap locates the center point of the built-in reflector. The Tube Traps can then be rotated (tuned) to find the preferred personal listening arrangement.

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