What's New at ASC (2010)

October, 2010 -

ASC TubeTraps at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest


ASC was at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest on Oct. 15-17. ASC provided acoustics for 64 rooms out of the show's 170. Click here for full coverage.





September, 2010 -

ASC TubeTraps in Guangzhou China Hifi Show

August, 2010 -

ASC TubeTraps in Taiwan HiFi Show

Some photos from the TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi Show 2010, held August 5-9 at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei. Our dealer and importer in Hong Kong, Asia Access, provided TubeTraps for several displays. He reported the show was very well attended. It was the 20th Anniversary Celebration for TAA, the Taiwan Audio Association.

July, 2010 -

ASC at the California Audio Show

ca audio show

ASC was at the California Audio show last weekend. We were in eight rooms, more than any other company, providing the quality acoustic treatments and expertise ASC is known for. Read all about it by clicking here.




July, 2010 -

ASC at the California Audio Show

Come join ASC at the First Annual California Audio Show this weekend and hear some of the finest examples of HiFi reproduction available today.

JBL will be showing their flagship Project Everest speakers, previously shown at a trade-only event. Power will be provided by Mark Levinson.

Other manufacturers include Legacy Audio, Magico, and King Audio speakers; Accuphase, Win Audio, and VAC electronics; MIT Cables; Lindemann CD player.

ASC is providing acoustics for the show, so audiophiles will be able to enjoy beautiful music free from "hotel room boom".

November, 2009 -

ASC TubeTraps at the Viet Nam High End Show

The Viet Nam High End Show 2009 was held in Ho Chi Minh City from September 25th to 27th at the Continental Hotel. Many big names displayed their gear using ASC TubeTraps to help bring out the best possible sound. More info on the show can be seen here.

Vietnamese audiophiles had their first look at TubeTraps and were highly impressed. Six months ago, we shipped a full 40 foot container load to our dealer in Ho Chi Minh City, Dung Nguyen Van Dung. After the show, he quickly sold out. Shown here is his showroom which as you can see uses TubeTraps to create a 2C3D concept within a well developed room acoustic.

Nguyen Dung Electronic Co., Ltd.
G21 Le Tu Tai St.,
Nguyen Dinh Chieu Bldg, Floor 1
Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District
Ho Chi Minh City
Dung Nguyen 011-84-903623455
Luan Bui 001-408-239-7958 (USA)
Email: dienhiend@yahoo.com.vn

August, 2009 -

ASC Ships Largest Single TubeTrap Order in its History

After several months of build time, ASC loaded nearly every square inch of a shipping container destined for Hong Kong. The lucky recipient is our Chinese distributor, Asia Access. They'll have nearly 200 TubeTraps to distribute to discriminating audiophiles all over China. If you're looking for ways to save money on your TubeTrap order, consider a shipping container of your own!

ASC Manager of Dealer Sales Michael Adams worked tirelessly to overcome numerous hurdles along the way. In the process, we refined the production process to make it easier to display and sell TubeTraps in a store setting. We even gave them special labels with serial numbers so that owners can register their authentic TubeTraps online.

May, 2009 -

ASC TubeTraps Shipping to Vietnam

Over our 25 year history, TubeTraps have been shipped to locations all over the world. In May, we shipped a very large order to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Right now, we are starting work on a huge order of hundreds of TubeTraps that will be shipped to Hong Kong. Vist this page often to see photos from the factory floor as we hand assemble each TubeTrap, one at a time.

TubeTraps in Every Corner of the World
When you need the world's best audio acoustics, people insist on TubeTraps because nothing else will do. They are known worldwide as the reference standard of perfection for acoustics. Because of this, TubeTraps have been shipped to practically anywhere. They've been shipped to recording studios in Gambia, a hifi audio store in Paraguay, and even a vocal booth in Greece. In actuality, even the most seemingly impossible request is shipped, because nothing is more important than furthering the state-of-the-art in reference standard acoustics.

Our goal is to TubeTrap ever corner in every audio listening environment anywhere in the world.

November, 2008 -

ASC TubeTraps Earn 2008 Editor's Choice Award from the Absolute Sound

From the October 2008 issue of The Absolute Sound Magazine:

"Unless you have a professionally designed and treated room, TubeTraps from Acoustic Sciences Corporation are absolutely indispensable to improving your system's sound. They are extremely able to solve a wide range of acoustic problems with strategic placement and orientation . . . There are lots of questionable acoustic products on the market, but TubeTraps are the real deal"

ASC wishes to thank the folks at Absolute Sound for the kudos!

September, 2008 -

ASC Acoustics at T.H.E. Show / CEDIA 2008 Expo with Martin-Logan

ASC pitched in and helped Martin-Logan with their demo room at the recently completed CEDIA 2008 Expo.

"Competition was slightly lacking at CEDIA… But Fred Manteghian with UltimateAV.com (Stereophile/Home Theater magazine’s sister web-site) gave the CLX a nod for best sound of the show."

Click Here For More

April, 2008 -

ASC Acoustics Help Pearl Audio Video

Ever since the first TubeTrap ever sold 25 years ago went into a dealer soundroom (Bradford's in Eugene, OR), hundreds of dealers have followed suit. One of the latest is Pearl Audio Video in Porland, OR. They also called on ASC for acoustic engineering and soundproofing since their street level location has residential condos above. The potential for Pearl's high power audio to disrupt the neighbors above required careful planning. ASC had the duel goal of improving the audio in Pearl's McIntosh demo room, and keeping the sound from seeping out.

So, Arthur Noxon, founder of ASC, designed a special variant of the familiar IsoDamp system. It worked fantastically well, and most importantly, the neighbors are happy as well as the customers.

For more, CLICK HERE

January, 2008 -

ASC TubeTraps spotted at 2008 CES

Our trained TubeTrap spotters couldn't help but notice several exhibitors using ASC TubeTraps to demo their newest gear at the January CES event. High end gear makers Esoteric and Genesis Advanced Technologies knew they'd get the best out of their gear by using TubeTraps for their demos.

For more, CLICK HERE

November, 2007 -

Orchestra pit acoustics for musical Cry-Baby

Cry-Baby is a musical based on the movie. They are developing the play in San Diego area and then will take it to Broadway. They contacted us about orchestra pit acoustics and we developed a cost effective package for them. We were ready to ship the system but because of the firestorm down there, shipping had been shut down. Still, when it comes to show business, it’s always the same: The show must go on. As previously announced, Cry-Baby will have its world premiere at San Diego's La Jolla Playhouse from November 6th through December 23rd. Visit www.lajollaplayhouse.org for more information on Cry-Baby showtimes.

We repackaged the project and shipped it on the bus, which could get through the fire storm. The project got there just in time for setup. Rehearsals began this week and we have a report from Peter Hylenski, down in the pit.

"It’s amazing, much better than we could imagine. There is clarity, both inside the pit and outside, on stage and in the seating area. Everyone is hearing it right. Monitor levels and usage are way down. Who’d have guessed? The 13 piece band hears each other really well, with minimal to no monitor use.

The pit is always a crowded place but still, the acoustic panels and traps fit right in. They were easy to setup and adjust. And they don’t seem to take up any room or be in the way. We had to put the sax way out to one side, near the pinched down far end of the pit. He sounded so far way. We added one Studio Trap in each corner and rotated the reflectors towards the sax and now the sax sounds like he’s in the middle of the band.

Something else, the band can now hear each other, unusually well. This means that even minor musical adjustments by any instrument can be instantly heard and incorporated into the rest of the band. Thank you guys very, very much."

What can we say. We’re proud to be allowed in the pit, let along to help voice it. We had to width= invent a great little self-standing super thick sound panel, with built in diffusion that loves to stand stable against the wall, that is low cost. We used an old technique we used to use for getting half round TubeTraps to stand up against walls. We also sent over 2 sets of StudioTraps. They were going to use them at one end for the drums but we’re glad they learned quickly how to mess around with the Studios to be able to fix the Sax, who got stuck at the other end of the pit.

Just to do our part, we took a little extra time with the shipping crate and turned it into a road crate, so the products can be packed in an easy to load box, and without having to be taken apart. Next stop….The lights of Broadway. See announcement here and keep track of this musical show.

November, 2007 -

Philippine HiFi Show

Ferdinand LuDo from Sounds N Images, Cebu City, Philippines will be demonstrating ASC TubeTraps at the 4th annual Hi Fi Show, Dec 1 & 2. The show takes place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City. Philippines. If you are able to attend, be sure to look him up.

March, 2007 -

New TubeTrap Review

John Acton, on behalf of Positive Feedback Online, put ASC's TubeTraps through their paces with an ASC TubeTrap Review. To quote:

"As far as the sonic performance of the ASC TubeTraps goes, I won't equivocate—the full ASC TubeTrap treatment in my room made a bigger improvement in my system's sound than any component upgrade I've ever made. I noticed the improvement before I even fired up the stereo. Speaking voices possessed a natural timbre and effortlessness that I've not experienced in such a small space. Flutter echo was banished, but the resultant acoustic was not in any way overly dead or unnatural."

October 2006-

ASC Custom Products

A customer called us to see if we could do him a favor and "mate" two TubeTraps so he could fit his speaker on top. Not a problem, since this is what ASC does so well, building wild and sometimes bizzare custom versions of our standard products.

Another customer lamented that he wanted our TowerTraps, but there was a wall power outlet in the way. Problem solved. We built him a set of special custom TowerTraps with through-holes built-in.

The bottom line is that ASC loves to customize our products to give you exactly what you want.

June, 2006

Newly Redesigned ASC Soffit

We've redesigned our Acoustic Soffit to accomodate halogen lights and easier installation. An exciting new feature is the optional halogen lighting, which ships installed by ASC to manufacturer specs for fire safety. Just run the wiring, and it's ready to go.


June, 2005

New SubTrap Review

Ed Mullen checked out our SubTrap and gave it two big thumbs up!

"The ASC SubTrap works as advertised. It reduces vibration transmission through the floor, improves the frequency response in the mid and upper bass regions, reduces low frequency reverberant decay times, and it locates the subwoofer closer to the height of the main speakers. Not surprisingly, this unique combination of engineered performance features results in an audible improvement in the bass quality."

Full writeup is linked here.

October, 2004 -

ASC on Inside This Old House

In 2004, This Old House decided to include a dedicated home theater in their featured project. They consulted with Goodwins High End in Boston, who urged them to specify ASC IsoWall for structural sound conditioning and soundproofing. The footage made it into an episode of "Inside This Old House" on the Arts & Entertainment Network.


September, 2004

Stereophile magazine has reviewed our SubTrap and here are their conclusions:

Kalman Rubinson reviewed the SubTrap and found it's really a necessity for anyone with a subwoofer.

Here's a quote:

"The combo of Servo-15 and ASC SubTrap filled the room with throbbing tuneful bass that moved me, but not the floorboards or furniture. Ah, yes! Glorious bass without the boom!"

"..most of us with subwoofers will just have to have a SubTrap."

Read the Full Review (PDF)

Read the full Review (Stereophile Website)

July, 2004-

ASC's Art Noxon in The Absolute Sound Article

ASC President Art Noxon participated in a roundtable discussion for The Absolute Sound magazine with TAS editor-in-chief Robert Harley, TAS senior editor and UCLA professor Robert E. Greene, and Radomir Bozovic of TacT Audio. Noxon and Bozovic had an engaging dialogue, which comes from their two different approaches to room correction. TacT Audio is known for their electronic room correction systems, while Acoustic Sciences Corporation is the industry leader in high-performance acoustic products for critical listening environments. The discussion covered a wide range of topics, including the strategies for hi-fi room design, and the benefits of acoustic control and electronic room correction.

Read The Full Article Here

June, 2004-

ASC HiFi Site Now in Mandarin

ASC is happy to announce the availability of our Hi-Fi site in Mandarin Chinese! See the site here: www.asc-hifi.com.sg

January 2004 -

AudioRevolution's Top 100 Includes ASC TubeTraps

Acoustic Sciences Corporation was honored in the 2003 AudioRevolution.com Top 100 Awards for ASC TubeTraps™. Even with the emergence of many new products in the audio-video world, TubeTraps are still an indispensable part of any critical listening environment.

AudioRevolution.com publisher Jerry Del Colliano made final rankings, and ASC TubeTraps were given a #90 spot, as the description credits TubeTraps to “quickly solve evil acoustic problems in your room.” TubeTraps are essential components of any critical listening setup, be it professional recording, music playback, or home theater. “Think we’re kidding,” says AudioRevolution.com, “try removing them from your room and then do some critical listening.

TubeTraps are available direct from ASC, and come in a variety of sizes and fabric styles. Contact ASC by calling (800) ASC-TUBE, or through this website. To see ASC’s Top 100 ranking, click here. A full review of TubeTraps is also available on the AudioRevolution.com website by clicking here.


December, 2003- Beverly Hills, CA – Acoustic Sciences Tube Traps™ supported some of the biggest products at the Surround Conference & Showcase 2003 in Beverly Hills, including monitors by ADAM Professional Audio.

ADAM Audio monitors feature a unique and innovative speaker design called Accelerated Ribbon Technology, or ART. ART does away with old cone-shaped tweeters and midranges in favor of a folded ribbon that can move air four times faster than normal speaker cones, allowing for greater clarity and transient reproduction.


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